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Dance of Soma & Psyche III: Attachment Trauma and the Body

In traumatic attachment -  where the parent is the perpetrator - the child is in the impossible situation of needing to seek proximity for survival while at the same time defending against their care giver. In the therapy room, we see this conflict in our clients bodies and how they relate to us – a yearning for closeness while at the same time closeness feels dangerous. This can cause challenges in the therapeutic relationship. If these challenges can be worked through, the therapeutic relationship can offer the client a reparative experience and the opportunity to heal early attachment trauma.


We will cover:


  • Understanding of attachment trauma

  • The art of non-verbal attunement from moment to moment

  • The use of therapeutic touch in offering the client reparative experiences

  • Exploring habitual postures and gestures and how they relate to attachment trauma

  • Working with proximity seeking actions to support healing of relational wounds

  • Embodied ways of working with protector "parts'

  • Working with abandonment trauma and embodied approach to working with a 'wounded child'

Please note that Module 3 - Attachment Trauma could not be taken before first completing module 2

14 CPD hours  

"The gentle and considerate way in which the group was facilitated enabled me to become fully present with whatever came up...The experience of the weekends gave me an invaluable insight into my own personal process, and the importance of the body in the therapeutic relationship. The timing and pacing between the exercises and group reflection was just right. I’d thoroughly recommend this course for both deepening one’s professional practice, and for valuable personal insights."

JH - Drama-therapist and Supervisor

“All four workshops were beautifully presented, structured well, and facilitated at a perfect pace for learning and experiencing / embodying the practices. I particularly appreciated the flow and ‘layering’ of the activities, punctuated with group discussion”

LF, Movement Therapist and Researcher

MODULE 3 Stroud: 

23-24 March 2024

11am – 6pm


        Trinity Rooms

        Field Road,

        Stroud GL5 2HZ 



11-12 January 2025

11am – 6pm


The Study Society (map)

Colet House

151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA



Early Bird £235

(if booked and paid for 6 weeks before the start of the course) otherwise £265

Online Training: Early Bird £215

(if booked and paid for 6 weeks before the start of the course) otherwise £245

To book please click the button below and fill out the form. The payment details are on the form.


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