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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are you running your trainings and groups?

CPD trainings are held at the venues listed below. We will confirm the venue before each event (as they can sometimes change). 

Personal development groups and workshops are held at various locations. Please check each event for the specific details.  


London Venue 1: 

Chiswick Community Centre
2 Duke's Ave
London W4 2AE (map)

London Venue 2: 

The Study Society

Colet House

151 Talgarth Road

London W14 9DA (map)

Stroud :

Trinity Rooms

Field Road,

Stroud GL5 2HZ (map)


  • Can I start with one module and then see if I want to go on and do the whole Certificate programme?


Yes, many people do this. You can sign up just for one module and if you don’t want to continue you will receive a CPD certificate for the course you attended. If you do decide to continue - you can apply for the whole year programme. In order to enrol - you will need to attend the assessment interview with one of our tutors - and to be accepted on the IEP certificate programme. 

  • Do I have to start with Module 1 if I want to go on and do the whole Certificate?


If you are doing the whole Certificate training we recommend that you do the training chronologically (start with module 1 and finish with module 4 - and then do the Advance Skills course at the end). However, we understand that this is not always possible. So you can start with either Module 1, Module 2 or Module 4. Please note that Module 3 - Attachment Trauma could be attended only after you completed Module 2 - Healing Trauma and the Body. And the Advance Skills weekend can be attended ONLY after you completed all 4 Dance of Soma and Psyche modules. 


  • What are prerequisites for starting your training?

This is a post qualifying CPD training. We ask that therapists that sign up for the training are already members of UKCP, BACP, ADMP or similar. We can’t issue the IEP certificate to people who are not already fully qualified psychotherapists or counsellors, as this is a specialist training for those that are already fully qualified. The certificate for one year training is issued by the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy. CPD certificate (of 14hours) is issued to everyone for doing each individual module. Please note that pre-requisite for entering IEP certification programme is 2 years of personal therapy - equivalent of 80 hours of therapy in total. (If you have less than this please get in touch to discuss). 

  • Is your IEP Certificate training accredited by BACP or UCKP?  

Our one year training is post-diploma certification training, consisting of 70 hours teaching and 6 (to 10 hours) of one-to-one mentoring/tutoring. Please note that we are not an accrediting body, nor a diploma training that leads to UKCP or BACP accreditation. However, the 70 hours of IEP training count as CPD and post-qualifying training - so with most registering/accrediting bodies this counts as further education and CPD hours. 


  • How many people do you have on each module? What is the maximum?


All our workshops and groups are of experiential nature so we try to keep our groups reasonably small.  The usual size of the training group is between 20-22 participants. The personal development groups are smaller - usually up to 16 people.  


  • Generally, what percentage of the people who take your training are counsellors or psychotherapists?


The majority who attend our CPD trainings are psychotherapist, counsellors, counselling psychologists or arts therapists. Only fully qualified therapists/counsellors can complete the one year certificate programme.


  • I am therapist in training/coach/ movement practitioner – can I do the certificate programme?


Occasionally we have people who are psychotherapists in training, coaches, or movement practitioners who attend one of our CPD weekends, but as explained above, they are unable to gain a Certificate in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy, as only qualified therapists can apply for this training. If you are a therapist in training you will get a CPD certificate for each course that you complete (14 CPD hours per weekend module), and after qualifying you can apply to complete the programme and receive a Certificate in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy. 

  • What happens if a training or workshop is cancelled due to another pandemic/Covid and government restrictions?


If an in-person training or group has to be cancelled due to government restrictions, we will either run the training online on the same date or transfer your booking to the next date that we are running the training in person. If you are unable to make this date, we will issue you with a voucher to use for any of our upcoming trainings or groups. 


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