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Further Development - Workshops, Groups and Retreats

In addition to our training in Embodied Psychotherapy we also offer therapeutic workshops, groups and residential retreats. These are aimed at therapists and other practitioners in the helping professions, who are interested in exploring embodied approaches experientially, as well as those who have done our Embodied Psychotherapy training weekends and would like to go deeper with their own embodiment.


The psychotherapeutic approach that we use in our workshops and groups integrates embodied psychotherapy with dance movement psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation and creative visualisation. We also use sounding & music, ritual and creative art therapies. ​

Please check below for more specific information about each workshop/group that we offer at the moment. 

Creative arts therapy is one of the elements of Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy and often used in groups and workshops that we run at the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy. 

30 November -
1 Dec 2024

Embodied Woman Workshop 

Personal Development Group for Women

07 -11 November 2024

Embodied Retreats Greece 
CPD & Personal Development Retreats

18 Jan - 1 Feb

Embodied Psychotherapy Group
Embodied Approach to Working with 'Parts' (IFS)

20-21 July

BodySoul Movement
Experiential Embodied Movement Workshops

5 Oct 2024 -
8 Feb 2025

Embodied Woman Online Group
Monthly Group for Women Therapists

7 - 8 June 

Nature as a Living Part of Therapy  

Outdoor CPD workshop - Open to all therapists 

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