Dance of Soma & Psyche:

a training in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy IEP

Dance of Soma & Psyche, our Continued Professional Development training, is for qualified psychotherapists and counsellors who wish to work with their clients in a more embodied way and gain confidence in utilising somatic approaches in their practice.


This experiential course brings together a number of therapeutic methods, to craft an Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy framework that can be used by both ‘talking’ and body-oriented therapists. 


Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy IEP is a therapeutic model developed by Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert, the co-founders of the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy.


IEP draws on a range of techniques from the practices of body-oriented psychotherapy, dance movement psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, somatic trauma therapy, neuroscience, creative arts, transpersonal psychotherapy and somatic mindfulness. This integrative approach will help you enhance the repertoire of interventions you can apply in your psychotherapeutic work.



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Modules may be taken individually, or as a complete course leading to certification.  To ensure a high standard of training we keep all our groups small (maximum 16 participants). 

9-10 July 2022

Dance of Soma & Psyche I

Foundations of Working with the Body

28-29 Jan 2023

Autumn 2023

18-19 March 

Autumn 2022 TBC

Autumn 2023

Dance of Soma & Psyche II

Healing Trauma and the Animal Body

12-14 May

Dance of Soma & Psyche III

Attachment Trauma and the Body

Autumn 2023

25-26 June 2022

8-9 July 2023 

Dance of Soma & Psyche IV

The Body as a Resource in Psychotherapy

Autumn 2023

15-16 Oct 2022

Advance Skills in Embodied Psychotherapy 
(more information will be added April 2022)

Certificate in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy

 If you are interested in gaining a 'Certificate in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy' you will need to:

  •  Be a fully qualified and registered psychotherapist or counsellor

  •  Complete all modules of the Dance of Soma and Psyche course

  • Attend 6 individual mentoring session to further develop your skills and confidence in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy  

  •  Complete a written piece on how you have applied Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy approaches in your practice

"What you are offering in your workshops is such a rich tapestry of experiences. I found all three workshops to be a rich, soulful and enlightening experience… Blessings to you both, and [for] the ripple effect on all that are touched and moved by your work… I highly recommend the workshops to other therapists."


KB, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

"The gentle and considerate way in which the group was facilitated enabled me to become fully present with whatever came up...The experience of the weekends gave me an invaluable insight into my own personal process, and the importance of the body in the therapeutic relationship. The timing and pacing between the exercises and group reflection was just right. I’d thoroughly recommend this course for both deepening one’s professional practice, and for valuable personal insights."

JH - Dramatherapist and Coach



"Thank you very much for such a lovely and insightful training session. This was a brand new experience for me because I never had any therapeutic sessions which really engaged my body. I think I got to know how to start working with both bodies (therapist’s and client’s) in the sessions. Actually I found my body was more engaged in the coming counselling practice, and my clients benefited from it."

QZ - Trainee Counsellor

COVID-19 notification

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