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Embodied Psychotherapy Groups

13 - 27 Jan 2024

1 - 15 June 2024

3 Part Experiential Online Workshop -
Embodied Approach to Working with ‘Parts’ 

Saturdays: 13th, 20th & 27th January 2024  FULLY BOOKED

9.30am to 12.30pm 

Saturdays: 1st, 8th & 15th June 2024  

9am to 12pm 

£165 Early Bird (1 month before) - £185 afterwards                                                            

This workshop is aimed at therapists who are interested in exploring how to work with 'Parts' (IFS) using an Embodied approach. It is open to individuals who have done some IFS Parts work perviously and would like to explore further.

The approach that we'll use in this workshop combines:


  • Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy

  • IFS - Internal Family Systems

  • Psychosynthesis sub-personalities model  

  • Creative visualisation and creative arts therapy

  • Dance and movement therapy


This is not a 'teaching' CPD but fully experiential and interactive group, in which we will be exploring (and learning) about working with and transforming protector 'Parts' by engaging with our own 'Parts'.  


We will be working on mapping out the whole internal system - taking an 'aerial view' and exploring the bigger picture - and how different 'Parts' relate to each other. We will also explore how to start to “retire” the old and restrictive protective 'Parts' and develop and “employ” more healthy parts of the psyche to play their roles.


During this 3 part workshop we will be using the embodied and creative approaches to working with the 'Parts': through movement, drawing (mapping), guided visualisations, embodiment and reflective writing.  


We will be working individually, in pairs and with the whole group (maximum 10 participants).

This is an advanced workshop and some previous experience of working with the Parts and IFS is necessary


You can join if you:

- have previously participated in one of Katarina’s embodied psychotherapy groups 

- have done 'Parts' work individually or in a group with Katarina before

- have done 'Parts' work through the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy CPD training

- have done 'Parts' work elsewhere - either in a form of CPD, in a therapy group or individual therapy

As we will do deep therapeutic work online it is recommended that you also get some extra support during the period of the course, such as personal therapy or mentoring. This so that you can continue to process what came up for you during the workshop and the group work and have more support and a safe space to explore further. 

For this 3 part experiential workshop you will need: 

- Access to Zoom and a stable internet connection
- Access to Spotify (ideally on a separate device)
- Working on the floor (you will need a yoga mat or cushion to sit on and some clear floor space for movement) 
- Art materials (A4 drawing pad, crayons or pastels) 
- Journal for reflective writing 
- Willingness to continue working on this material in between the sessions  

The workshop is facilitated by Katarina Gadjanski BSc (Hons) PG Dip. Psych UKCP, the co-founder of IEP

If you are interested in joining the next group please send an email to to request the assessment and booking form

Early Booking essential, limited to 10 places per group

This worksop is also available as a two days in-person workshop - dates 2024 TBC


"The parts/IFS work has been really transformative for me personally and professionally. The combination of working experientially on myself and being witnessed by others and sharing the experience is very powerful. This, in turn, has encouraged me to offer these explorations to clients, with really positive results.

I love the use of visualisation and psychosynthesis-type exercises (the house/ basement etc), as I am able to easily access this. 

I also love the movement and use of the body to access those inner places – I think the way Katarina combines different elements of modalities is truly inspired and will help so many people." SF - participant 


"Katarina’s facilitation of group was absolutely outstanding - as always and a safe, supportive structure was preserved throughout the course. She pitches it just right in terms of directing and allowing space for processing/ experiencing and she holds the space brilliantly. Thank you so much for all that you are creating and delivering." NG - participant

Four Elements Embodied Psychotherapy Group

Four Elements DMTM is an embodied psychotherapy group aimed at those who wish to work in an embodied way – exploring the body-mind-emotions connection. We work within the context of a small therapeutic group (10 individuals).

The psychotherapeutic approach that we use combines:


  • integrative embodied psychotherapy

  • transpersonal psychotherapy 

  • mindfulness meditation and creative visualisation

  • sounding and creative arts therapy

  • dance and movement therapy

  • experiential exercises based on neuroscience

The aim of Four Elements DMTM therapy group is to:

  • Explore how our mind/thoughts and beliefs affect how we feel and how we hold these feelings in the body

  • Start to 're-wire' the nervous system and create new neuro-patways (changing old and dysfunctional habits and behaviours and encouraging new and more healthy ones) 

  • Get in touch with and begin to release emotional material stored in the body

  • Find a new way of processing and working with difficult sensations held in the body ~ such as stress, anxiety, anger and grief

  • Start to develop embodied sense of resilience

  • Provide a safe space for self-care and self-nurture

  • Encourage us to develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with ourselves

The group is facilitated by Katarina Gadjanski BSc (Hons) PG Dip. Psych UKCP, the co-founder of IEP

For more information about this group and Four Elements DMTM please check:



"A huge thank you Katarina for your facilitation of the workshop on Saturday. I absolutely loved it. I felt the group had a great connection, and I felt so safe and welcome. Your new studio, your micro-forest and the whole ambience of your space just felt really right, I keep wanting to use the word perfect! I honestly think you have the most soulful, generous and open energy and this came through your work and studio in the most nurturing of ways. Thank you again.” RA - participant 


"I wanted to express my gratitude for all that you created for us this past weekend. The theme, the practices, the setting, your honest energy and the deep connections that were made with the people in the group all feel very, very special and precious.'  CA - participant 

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