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BodySoul Movement


BodySoul Movement is a form of embodied practice. This practice offers an opportunity for transformation, healing and expansion of consciousness through movement and other creative and embodied processes. 

BodySoul workshops are aimed at therapists and other practitioners in the helping professions, who are interested in exploring embodied approaches experientially.

This practice is called BodySoul Movement because when we connect deeply with our bodies  we often begin to connect to something greater than our physical self: our Soul.  

In this process we will be guiding you firstly to connect to your physical body (sensations), then to your emotional body (feelings), and finally to your soul-body (energy). 

The BodySoul sessions will involve:


  • Spontaneous dance movement practice

  • Guided meditations

  • Voice work, sounding and music

  • Somatic approaches to healing

  • Creative arts processes

  • Self-enquiry and journaling

  • Co-creating ritual

The BodySoul sessions are for you, if you want to:

  • Deepen your embodied practice and become a more embodied human being and therapist

  • Process emotions held in the body and heal on a somatic level

  • Discover and strengthen your inner resources to build resilience
  • Explore your creativity and find self-expression thought dance, movement, voice work, and creative arts

  • Connect to your authentic self and relate to each other from this centred and soulful place

  • Expand your self-awareness and connect to the wisdom of your heart

  • Connect with other heart centred individuals and be part of a supportive community


and ultimately... The BodySoul practice is for you if you are interested in expanding your consciousness & connecting to the wisdom of your soul!

These workshops are for any practitioners working in the helping professions, including therapists, counsellors, coaches, yoga teachers, group facilitators, etc. While this is not a traditional CPD training, you are able to count it as CPD (as it will support you to become a more embodied practitioner) and you will receive a 12hr CPD certificate of attendance after completion of the weekend.

Each BodySoul Movement workshop will explore a  theme. Please check below for upcoming dates and specific themes. 


London and Stroud 2024 theme: Healing Ancestral Trauma and Legacy Burdens 

In this two day experiential workshop we will be working on transforming the ancestral trauma. We will be exploring our ancestral line and how legacy burdens still impact us in our present life.

Ancestral trauma refers to the emotional pain, somatic imprints and limiting beliefs that get handed down through the generations and is transferred to us. We carry these legacy burdens in our bodies, the unconscious and energetically and we will explore what is needed for breaking this pattern and healing. 


We will also explore the 'gifts' that we received from our ancestral line, which often become obstructed by the trauma/wounding... gifts that we might not fully see or appreciate (because of the legacy burdens that come in the way). 

We will be exploring all of this through embodied work, visualisation, movement, ritual making, creative arts, guided meditations, group processing and self-enquiry/journaling.

"My deepest thanks to Natasha and Katarina for an amazing weekend. The ancestral trauma workshop was held with grace, compassion and safety and went so deep , very powerful and beautiful and well contained . Thank you!"

- HN Transpersonal Psychotherapist (previous participant)





Weekend workshop:

Early Bird: £190 (6 weeks before) - otherwise £210

One day workshop:

UK: Early Bird: £95 (6 weeks before) - otherwise £105 

Greece: Early Bird 65€ (6 weeks before) - otherwise 75€


London dates:

13th - 14th April 2024

11am - 5pm

Venue London: 

The Study Society

Colet House

151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA (map)

Stroud dates: 

20 -21 July 2024

11am - 5pm


Venue Stroud:

         Trinity Rooms

         Field Road,

         Stroud GL5 2HZ (map)

Athens Saturday workshop: 

November 2024 - Dates TBC

FREE Taster Session - Online/Zoom: 

Thursday evening 21st March 

6pm UK time (75min session) 

7pm Europe/ 8pm Greece

CPD Workshop
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