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All therapists listed below completed the post-diploma training in Integrative Embodied Psychotherapy. They are highly skilled practitioners that come from a wide range of therapeutic approaches. You can find out more about their therapeutic background by checking the individual listings and the links to their own website. 

Tasha Colbert - Working in Chiswick, London W4 3LQ and online

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with 18 years experience of working therapeutically with people from a range of backgrounds. I also supervise psychotherapists, as well as coach professionals privately and within organisational settings.


My approach is integrative and trauma informed, meaning that I draw on a range of approaches with a special interest in working with the body, which is often a barometer for our emotional state. I believe that psychotherapy can help us discover our strengths and resources and I have found that working with the body - alongside verbal expression - to be an effective way to gain insights to our problems, often in direct and surprising ways.

I have extensive experience of working with: anxiety, depression, bereavement, body Image issues, relationship difficulties, parenting challenges, post-traumatic stress, balancing demands of home & work life.

My approach is non-judgemental, supportive and creative, and rather than telling you what to do, I will work with you to overcome challenges you are facing.  As I do not believe that 'one way fits all', I will tailor my approach to meet your needs. I draw from the following approaches but do not use all of these with all clients: body psychotherapy, somatic mindfulness, neuroscience, attachment theory, movement psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, systemic NLP and inner child work.

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Katarina Gadjanski - Working in Stroud GL5 4BZ and online

I am a fully accredited member of UKCP, with a therapeutic background in transpersonal psychotherapy, integrative psychosynthesis, embodied psychotherapy, mindfulness, dance & movement and group therapy. I've undertaken extensive research and training in the area of somatic therapies and neuroscience in relation to trauma work. In addition to my private practice I facilitate personal development and therapy groups, CPD trainings, dance & movement and meditation workshops and retreats in the UK and internationally. I also offer embodied mentoring/supervision to psychotherapists and counsellors interested in integrating Embodied Psychotherapy approach into their practice. 


I had been practicing various forms of meditation for over 25 years, so I am particularly interested in bringing the therapeutic elements of meditation into psychotherapeutic work. I also have background in music and dance and I use creativity, music, movement, art/drawing and guided visualisations in my work with clients. This kind of approach offers clients a greater platform to explore themselves in a connected and more holistic way involving:  body, mind, emotion & soul/spirit.  


I have a transpersonal/soulful perspective in my therapeutic work and I offer sessions in embodied spiritual guidance. I really enjoy working with people who are interested in spiritual development and inner transformation, as well as working with clients who want to explore loss of meaning or direction in their life. I also work with people who are suffering with stress related illness, trauma, PTSD and anxiety and who want to transform and explore these in an embodied way. 

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Phone: 020 87471512

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Edina Matyas - Working ONLINE

I have trained as an Integrative, Transpersonal counsellor with special emphasis on the Soul and the Soul’s journey. This modality incorporates a range of aspects of other therapies, such as humanistic, existential, psychodynamic, psychosynthesis, etc. 


My training experience in Embodied Psychotherapy and Somatic experiencing felt like the missing piece I was looking for. I feel that Transpersonal approach and Embodied Psychotherapy complement each other perfectly and fully represent me as who I am as a therapist.

I strongly believe in our bodies’ wisdom and its ability to heal itself so one of my main aim is to help clients to reconnect with theirs. 

I feel that many of the physical ailments are the result of a discord between the body and the Soul so in order to recover, reconnection is needed.

In my work I also use creative tools such as drawings and visualisation and I like to give space for spirituality where there is an interest.

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Suad Ahmed - Working in London SE and online

I hold space for women to step away from the chaotic thoughts in the mind and ground down into the body, to tune into intuition and the infinite pool of unconditional acceptance, love and compassion plentiful there. Through my own experience and that of my clients I have a deep belief in our bodies capacity to heal our emotional wounds and we are the experts of our own lives.


My approach is to support my clients to connect with their own voice through psychological education -  learning together why we may be experiencing what is coming up based on our past experiences. Making space to be heard with openness, empathy and without judgement. 


Alongside my therapeutic work, I have been working in the third sector for the last 14 years in mental health services, homelessness and women's domestic abuse organisations.


The issues I work with include: Self Confidence, Self Identity, Relationship difficulties, Domestic abuse, Grief, Depression and Anxiety, Trauma, Stress management, Anger management, Personal development & Premenstrual syndrome. 


I am a registered member of BACP.


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Kim Bowers - Working near Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 and online

I am a  fully accredited member of the BACP with over 16 years of experience in private practice, prior to which l was working as a counsellor in an educational setting. My therapeutic background is in person-centred and psychodynamic therapy, as well as mindfulness, couples therapy and embodied psychotherapy. 


I work somatically to help the stories held in the body of grief, pain, anxiety overwhelm and trauma.

Together in a safe environment we explore how and where body is holding the stories and trauma, and how mind can trapped or the stories get stuck and gently help to integrate and regulate, theses fragmented aspects and come back to our whole self.


I bring personal knowledge, understanding and awareness of the respect needed approaching challenges around trust and that can be heightened due to trauma and overwhelm and when we don’t feel safe.

I work gently with relational issues within the atmosphere of our therapeutic relationship in the safe, receptive space. I also work with inner child theory and attachment style issues. I like working creatively using a wide range of materials.

I have lots of experience in working with a wide range of issues - such as:​ anxiety & stress, ​depression​, trauma, relationships Issues, PTSD​, anger management​, domestic abuse​, self confidence/esteem issues,​gender & identity​ and grief/loss​​

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Phone: 07905699253


Eszter Ivan - Working in London, near London Bridge and online

I have always been passionate about helping people to facilitate changes in their lives. My approach incorporates reconnecting with our body`s wisdom and to use it as a resource. By providing a non-judgmental, embodied space I support my clients to explore and express their emotional difficulties and to find a way to reconnect with their authentic self. Clients approach me with relational difficulties and feeling stuck, with the experience of burnout, with psychosomatic symptoms, or to develop self and body awareness.


I originally trained as a psychologist in 2008. My interest in the mind body connection led to doing further training in integrative hypnotherapy in 2012 and later in dance movement psychotherapy in 2015. One of my areas of expertise is in working with grief, and I am trained in the grief recovery method in 2017. I currently provide dance movement psychotherapy, therapeutic coaching, grief recovery work for adults in private practice, and work as a student counsellor for IRIE! Dance Theatre Company. I am passionate about supporting students’ mental health in higher education to be able to flourish.


I am also interested in creative and embodied approaches in the treatment of medically unexplained symptoms and I am currently doing a part time Phd in psychology and dance, my research title is: A Feminist Interdisciplinary Investigation into the Efficacy of the Moving Pieces Approach to Managing Medically Unexplained Symptoms.

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Phone: 07784899404


Helen Farrell  - Working in Northern Ireland, BT78 and online

I am a supportive and empathic listener and observer for my clients, throughout times of distress, confusion, loss and despair. The relationship between me and my clients is based on trust, honesty and respect, and this is at the very heart of my counselling. My original training was in Humanistic counselling (Person-Centred/Existential) and since qualifying I have deepened my practice through training as an Embodied Psychotherapist. I have experienced first hand the powerful transformation that can occur when we tune into the wisdom and experience held within our physical being. My work often involves paying careful attention, with my client, to the sensations they notice in their bodies as we talk, and then working directly with that sensation through breathing, movement and visualisation.

I work with my clients as a fellow human being, rather than an 'expert', and my clients can explore their emotions and relationships in their own way, at their own pace. Therapy of this kind can bring about real personal growth as clients gain insight into themselves, in a safe, non-judgemental space, without being told what to do. I often work outside with clients, in natural spaces, to integrate movement and connection to nature to the work, as these can be very powerful healing agents. I believe that re-connecting to our natural world can bring real clarity, perspective and peace as we navigate, together, through challenging times.

I am a fully registered member of BACP


Phone:  07868 616374


Abi Newman  - Working in Bristol and online

I am a fierce believer in people, I see our ability to find tenderness in the most challenging of moments. I know that we all have the potential to meet and integrate our innate power and wisdom, I also know and understand that being human and being in a body can be a challenging experience.

Our bodies carry within them the legacy of our life experiences; our attachments, our traumas, our abandonment, our belonging and our becoming. 

Acknowledging the stories and language of your body can offer another dimension to therapeutic work and creates a space to explore the difficulties in your life that do not seem to move or change simply by talking about them.

I will be with you to witness, support, guide and offer my curiosity to your process. I work in an embodied collaborative intuitive way, with wholehearted belief in your power and wisdom. I may use a frame drum or music in session should it feel supportive for you in your process.

I draw upon practices from internal family systems/parts work, somatic experiencing, body mapping, dance movement psychotherapy and core Shamanism.

Mindful movement, breath awareness and visualisations are at the heart of what I offer in a session.

I feel driven and passionate about holding a therapeutic healing space for people to find movement in their bodies and deeper connection with their hearts.

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Jayne Wright - working in Oxford and online

I trained as an integrative therapist and draw on person centred, transactional analysis (TA) and psychodynamic principles. Alongside these approaches I take into account the wholeness of our being; body and mind. My curiosity in how the mind and body are connected and how a disconnect can lead to physical and psychological illness, led me to gain a Certificate in Embodied Practice.

Through a relationship between us which is supportive but challenging we can explore how we relate to others and find more creative ways to live our lives. Working with the body and mind in therapy, this might be taking moments of stillness through the breath, movement or through writing whatever feels right for each person and learn to become aware of the emotions and feelings we hold in our bodies

Therapy can be for current or past experiences, to change old patterns or know that life just does not feel right. I have worked with people with many different issues including; depression, life transitions, grief, anxiety, long-term illness, stress, trauma, relationship conflict.


Alongside my practice, I also facilitate workshops and I have a particular interest in dyslexia and the impact this has on the emotional well-being of adults who are dyslexic. I also have a particular interest in women’s experience of peri-menopause and menopause. 

I am a registered member of the BACP

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Phone: 07752126736

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Jo Harley  - Working in London, Clapham SW11 and online

I’ve had the pleasure of working as an Arts psychotherapists and supervisor for over fifteen years in clinical and educational settings, witnessing first-hand the healing and transformational benefits of the creative arts. 

I strongly believe in the healing capacity of the arts as I’ve experienced this myself in my own life. My approach incorporates using different art forms such as writing, image and story making, role-play, and movement, with mindful awareness. This helps clients tell their story in alternate ways, sometimes for the first time, expressing their feelings using verbal and non-verbal forms of communication. This process allows for more implicit material to be shared and reflected upon. By including the whole body in this process, we can engage with the felt sense of our experience, not just the narrative. In this way, different meanings may emerge that were previously hidden, bringing new perspectives and understanding.


Working with arts in this embodied way can help cultivate emotional resilience, build self-esteem, promote personal insights, and reduce inner conflict and distress, to name a few of the benefits.   

I work with a focus on self-compassion and acceptance, as many times it is our self-judgement that can be one of the biggest hurdles, and bring a spiritual aspect into the work, where a deeper meaning and purpose may be found. No previous experience of the arts is necessary, just a willingness to participate and explore. (Working with adults only)


I have a BA in Arts therapies and MA in Drama and Movement therapy. I’m fully registered with the HCPC and BADth. I’m also a certified life coach and hold certificates in Psychosynthesis Counselling, Theory and practice of Psychodrama, and Embodied Psychotherapy.

I also work as a Creative Arts supervisor for therapy students, and qualified therapists and counsellors, and enjoy my own practice as an artist.

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Phone: 07939048942

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