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Dance of Soma & Psyche I: Foundations of Working with the Body

This two-day module will introduce you to working safely with the body in your psychotherapy practice and offer foundations in somatic approaches to working with clients.


It is relevant for psychotherapists who are new to working with the body and keen to gain skills in this approach, as well as for practitioners who are familiar with some of these methods, and wish to gain new tools. Through learning experientially, you will explore your own mind-body relationship, the 'dance of soma and psyche', which will give you the confidence to work with your clients in a more embodied way. 


The course covers:


  • Grounding techniques and finding a 'safe place' in the body

  • Learning tools for transforming difficult sensations and emotions that clients hold in their bodies, including working with anxiety and physical pain

  • Working with the client’s personal boundaries, and the integrity of the body

  • Working with the ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ through the body

  • Using movement to strengthen the mind-body connection

  • Working with touch to regulate overwhelming feelings and hyperarousal

  • Using creative imagination and elemental visualisations with clients who have difficulty connecting with their bodies

This module may be taken individually, or as a part of a year-long course leading to certification.

14 CPD hours  


"What you are offering in your workshops is such a rich tapestry of experiences. I found all four workshops to be a rich, soulful and enlightening experience… Blessings to you both, and [for] the ripple effect on all that are touched and moved by your work. I highly recommend the workshops to other therapists."

KB, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist 

"Thank you very much for such a lovely and insightful training session. This was a brand new experience for me because I never had any therapeutic sessions which really engaged my body. I think I got to know how to start working with both bodies (therapist’s and client’s) in the sessions. Actually I found my body was more engaged in the coming counselling practice, and my clients benefited from it."

QZ - Counsellor

Module 1 London: 

6th - 7th July 2024

11am to 6pm


(please email for waiting list)


Chiswick Community Centre

2 Duke's Ave


London W4 2AE 




14th & 15th September 2024  

11am to 5pm

Module 1 Stroud:  

12-13 July  2025

11am to 6pm


        Trinity Rooms

        Field Road,

        Stroud GL5 2HZ 



(Please note that we offer Module 1 online if the in-person training is fully booked.

Please email us to express interest, or fill in the booking form below)

This training is highly experiential and interactive and is the same format as our in-person training. 

We use creative methods so you will need simple art materials (such as crayons or coloured pencils, journal & drawing paper). We will also be working with movement and music alongside other somatic approaches. Just as in our in-person trainings there will be an opportunity to work in pairs as well as being part of larger group discussions. The online session will be well paced with several breaks throughout the day.  

"The weekend reminded me once again that working with the body is such a powerful tool for healing. The group being  online worked very well and perhaps is a more gentle, less exposing way for therapists who are curious about this approach to dip their toe in the water. I gained so much on a personal and professional level. Katarina and Tasha have such a beautiful energy, compliment one another in their styles and hold the group really safely."

SF - integrative psychotherapist 


In Person training: Early Bird £235

(if booked and paid for 6 weeks before the start of the course) otherwise £265

Online Training: Early Bird £215

(if booked and paid for 6 weeks before the start of the course) otherwise £245

To book please click the button below and fill out the form. The payment details are on the form.




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