Dance of Soma & Psyche I

 Foundations of Working with the Body

Dance of Soma & Psyche I: Foundations of Working with the Body

This two-day module will introduce you to working safely with the body in your psychotherapy practice and offer foundations in somatic approaches to working with clients.


It is relevant for psychotherapists who are new to working with the body and keen to gain skills in this approach, as well as for practitioners who are familiar with some of these methods, and wish to gain new tools. Through learning experientially, you will explore your own mind-body relationship, the 'dance of soma and psyche', which will give you the confidence to work with your clients in a more embodied way. 


The course covers:


  • Grounding techniques and finding a 'safe place' in the body

  • Learning tools for transforming difficult sensations and emotions that clients hold in their bodies, including working with anxiety and physical pain

  • Working with the client’s personal boundaries, and the integrity of the body

  • Working with the ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ through the body

  • Using movement to strengthen the mind-body connection

  • Working with touch to regulate overwhelming feelings and hyperarousal

  • Using creative imagination and elemental visualisations with clients who have difficulty connecting with their bodies

This module may be taken individually, or as a part of a year-long course leading to certification.  

To ensure a high standard of training we keep all our groups small (max 16 participants). 

“I will hold the memory of the two days as something very precious. It was so valuable to work experientially

MP, Psychotherapist

"Liberating, surprising and releasing. From a personal point of view this came at a good time for me and enabled me to release a lot of emotion in an environment that felt incredibly contained and well held."

HF, Integrative Psychotherapist

MODULE 1 London: 9th July & 10th July 2022

11am to 6pm

Venue London:

The Study Society

Colet House

151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA

MODULE 1 ONLINE:  28th & 29th January 2023

11am to 5pm



This training is highly experiential and interactive and is the same format as our in-person training. 

We use creative methods so you will need simple art materials (such as crayons or coloured pencils, journal & drawing paper). We will be also be working with movement alongside other somatic approaches so we will send you a music playlist prior to the course . Just as in our in-person trainings there will be an opportunity to work in pairs as well as being part of larger group discussions. The online session will be well paced with several breaks throughout the day.  

" The weekend reminded me once again that working with the body is such a powerful tool for healing. The group being online worked very well and perhaps is a more gentle, less exposing way for therapists who are curious about this approach to dip their toe in the water. I gained so much on a personal and professional level. Katarina and Tasha have such a beautiful energy, compliment one another in their styles and hold the group really safely." SF - integrative psychotherapist 

Module 1 Stroud:  Autumn  2023 DATES TBC 

Venue Stroud:

Centre for Science and Art, 

13 Lansdown, 

Stroud GL5 1BB




Early Bird £215 (if booked and paid for 6 weeks before the start of the course) otherwise £245

Online Training: Early Bird £195 (6 weeks before) otherwise £225

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