If you cancel up to 6 weeks before the workshop - your payment will be refunded minus 20% administration fee. 


If you booked and paid for one year certificate training in IEP, you can cancel up to 6 weeks before the start of your first weekend module.


No refund will be offered if less than 6 weeks notice. 

If you are doing the certificate programme - the 6 weeks notice also applies in case you want to postpone your booking on a module that is at a later date.


Please note, if any of our courses are postponed due to government restrictions e.g Covid-19 or something similar, we do not issue a refund on the course booked, but will offer vouchers worth the value of the course, which you can use for any of our trainings - or alternatively you can transfer your booking to when the course is running again.


If our in-person training or group has to be cancelled at short notice due to the latest change in government restrictions, we will either run the training online on the same date or transfer your booking to the next date that we are running the training in person. If you are unable to make this date, we will issue you with a voucher to use for any of our upcoming trainings or groups.


Please note that if you miss the first day of a module (training on Saturday) you won’t be able to attend the second day (Sunday) and will have to retake the module at your own cost. 


Prerequisites for gaining the certificate in IEP


1. You need to be a fully qualified and registered psychotherapist and counsellor (including arts psychotherapists) and be practicing with clients. 

2. You will need to complete all the modules of Dance of Soma and Psyche course

3. You need to Attend 6 mentoring sessions with one of the facilitators (within the period of 6-8 months). These monthly sessions could be started after you complete 2 of the modules. 

4. You will need to write a final written piece on how you have applied Embodied Psychotherapy approaches in your practice and reflect on your own personal process both during your training and your clinical practice

5. We recommend that you complete all of the above program within a period of one (and maximum of 2) years. If it takes you longer than 2 years we might ask you to do a refresher course (re-take some of the modules) or ask you to do some extra mentoring sessions. 


*Please note that we reserve the right to delay certification in IEP when we feel that unresolved personal issues or trauma are creating an obstacle to the safe practice of Embodied Psychotherapy. In these cases we will recommend more mentoring sessions and/or engaging in personal therapy before continuing with the certification process. 


**We also reserve the right to ask a participant to leave the training if we think that the training is unsuitable for them. Also in cases of inappropriate or abusive behaviour towards other participants in the group or towards facilitators we reserve the right to remove such participant from the training.