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Monthly group on Fridays 10:15am – 12:15pm


On the following dates:

27th September 2024, 25th October 2024, 22nd November 2024, 13th December 2024, 17th January 2025, 14th  February 2025

This will be a small supervision group bringing together embodied psychotherapists who have trained with the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy or who have trained in an embodied psychotherapy modality, such as dance movement psychotherapy or creative arts therapies.

It will appeal to practitioners with an interest in creative and embodied approaches to supervision. Somatic awareness, movement and drawing and reflective writing will be used alongside verbal reflection to support processing autobiographical and relational material as well as offering a restorative space for practitioners to connect to their internal resources.

This will be a supportive community of like-minded practitioners who want to continue to deepen their embodied practice in their work with clients. This group is open to practitioners who have been practicing for a least three years, with space for a maximum of five participants.

Tasha Colbert has been supervising psychotherapists and other professionals from the caring profession since 2008. She has facilitated numerous group supervision sessions within charity organisations and on MA dance movement psychotherapy programmes in the UK and abroad. She also has extensive experience of supervising individuals and groups in private practice. Tasha is the co-editor of Embodied Approaches to Supervision: The Listening Body, Routledge, 2022.

Fee per 2 hour session: £65 (paid each month).


To register your interest in this group or if you have questions,  email Tasha at:


‘Its a special creative space where I found myself safely exploring my clinical work through drawing and moving, taking on different relational perspectives and then sharing that experience with other professionals in the group. This is where the magic happens of co-created embodied wisdom and support.’ EI - previous participant


'I've found being able to share the challenges and highlights of my practice in a supportive environment, whilst gaining insights through creative activities, to be invaluable for resourcing me as a practitioner.' JH- previous participant


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