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Embodied Woman - Online Group

This women group is specifically designed for therapists, counsellors and psychologists who are wanting deepen their own embodiment and have a monthly space to connect deeply with their ‘body-self’ through nourishing somatic and creative practices.


This group is for you, if you would like to:


  • Connect with yourself and your body wisdom to promote healing at a somatic level.

  • Engage in movement practice to release and resource yourself 

  • Gain clarity and insight through creative and reflective processes

  • Explore different 'parts' or aspects of yourself to develop greater inner harmony and balance

  • Be part of a regular supportive community of women

  • Be seen and heard, and accepted as you are! 

A typical structure for the group:

- Guided Movement journey to begin to connect with self and inner landscape.  Into drawing, reflection and group check- in.

- Guided Inner process - for example: somatic parts work,  connection to inner resources, visioning etc.

- Group verbal reflections and process. 

- Movement to release and express and embody resources in collective movement.

This group is for therapists, counsellors and psychologists who have attended any of our CPD or trainings or further development groups and want to continue to engage in their own embodied practice.  The intention is to create a nourishing  space where collective co-regulation can happens in a group of like minded and like hearted women.

This group opens for new participants to join at each new cycle. If you are interested to join the group, please fill out the booking form.’ 

This group opens for new participants to join at each new cycle. If you are interested to join the group, please fill out the booking form.’ 

Next cycle 2024/25:

5th October, 2nd November, 7th December, 4th January 2025, 8th February 2025.

10am to 12.15pm

Fee: £55 (payable before each session) 

Maximum of 6 participants per group

The workshop is facilitated by Tasha Colbert  BA (Hons) PG Dip RDMP UKCP the co-founder of IEP

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“Over a number of months of working together the familiarity of the group has deepened the trust and connection between the members, building an emotionally safe and supportive space. The relationships created are ones of genuine caring and kindness toward one another. As a women only group, I have found it particularly beneficial in providing the support and personal nourishment I need in to order to feel fully seen and heard without judgment. This is something I cherish” - JH, drama therapist - previous participant

'For me this experience is unique at every meeting. With each meeting I develop more and more the ability to connect, with myself and with those in the group. To embody my own resources as well as those of everyone in the group is a great privilege and enriches me.The guidance is gentle, clear and meaningful.I look forward to the next meetings with great joy.' - AA, movement therapist - previous participant

"Tasha holds a calm and inviting presence for the group. I get the sense that she is wholly present to the collective and individual experience. This creates a space to feel safe, to creatively explore what is present in our bodies and mind, and to find inspiration for our continued journey in life." - CP - previous participant

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