Embodied Woman Online Group

Embodied Woman Monthly Online Group

The online women's group is dedicated to community of women that have been coming to Embodied Woman weekend workshops, or our other workshops and groups. The aim of this group is to offer a continued support and safe space for women to come together on a monthly basis, nurture themselves in an embodied way and be a part of a soulful women's circle. 


Tasha and Katarina offer guided visualisations, drawing, embodiment and dance/movement work to explore the personal and collective themes of the group. There is also space for pair work and sharing in the larger ‘circle'.


We take a maximum of 10 woman so that there is space for each woman to share and be deeply listened to.

Dates 2021:

Saturday 16th January 2021 10am- 1pm

Saturday 6th March 2021 10am- 1pm

Saturday 29th April 2021 10am - 1pm

Saturday 18th December 9.30am - 12.30pm


Fee: £45 Early Bird (6 weeks before) £55 afterwards




This is a closed group. 

Do let us know by email if you would like to join before filling in the booking form 

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“Over a number of months of working together the familiarity of the group has deepened the trust and connection between the members, building an emotionally safe and supportive space. The relationships created are ones of genuine caring and kindness toward one another. As a women only group, I have found it particularly beneficial in providing the support and personal nourishment I need in to order to feel fully seen and heard without judgment. This is something I cherish” - JH, participant

“I found the meditation combined with chanting and movement a visceral way of both expelling and grounding my emotions.  It felt quite cathartic and liberating.” - MG, participant