Embodied Woman Workshop

Embodied Woman Workshop 

Personal Development Group for Women

15th January

The purpose of this group/workshop is to create a safe, supportive circle for women to come together and explore  the relationship between mind, body and emotions. It also offers a space to explore the different transitions in a women’s life and all the challenges that this brings to a women’s identity and place in the world. In our individualistic society we have lost a sense of community and belonging that can often lead us to feel isolated.


In indigenous tribes women come together to share their wisdom and healing from generation to generation, which we wish to recreate in this women’s group by bringing shamanic and transpersonal work together with embodied psychotherapy. We will be exploring our relationship to ourselves and others through movement, ritual, creative arts, sounding and meditation.


This weekend workshop can be taken individually or as part of an ongoing group that will run 4 times a year.


Pensford Field Nature Reserve,

19-21 Pensford Avenue,

Kew, Richmond TW9 4HR (map)


In-person weekend workshop: £195 / Early Bird: £175 (6 weeks before the group)

Booking essential, limited to 10 places.

In-person Saturday workshop : £95 / Early Bird: £85 (6 weeks before the group)

Booking essential, limited to 8 places.


Upcoming dates 2021/22:

24 -25th July 2021 - in person

Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm

15th January 2022 - in person

Saturday 11am – 5pm

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 "The Embodied Woman workshop was deeply rich and nourishing with a beautiful balance between indoor and outdoor explorations. I loved the content and shape of the day with each activity flowing seamlessly into the next, all held sensitively by Tasha and Katarina. Sharing, moving and creating ritual together was powerful, with the elements of fire, earth, water and air adding to the potency of the workshop.  Highly recommended."   MC, participant - July 2020 workshop 

“I felt heard, seen and felt a deep sense of belonging… All through the weekend I felt deeply connected to myself and to the others and this shared experience created a strong connection between us all. I felt safe and held in every moment.

EM, participant - November 2019 workshop

“I would highly recommend this group for any woman who is looking for a space in which they can recharge and release whatever they are holding, in a safe and wonderfully supportive environment, bringing themselves fully into the present without apology. This group is a highlight in my diary, knowing how much it feeds both my body and soul. It’s a precious creation and one worth sharing!” JH,  participant - July 2020 workshop


“I felt a rare sense of connection, warmth and trust amongst strangers. I seemed to have somehow shed some skin, like a growing creature, outliving old constraints. The somatic resonances produced by both inner and outer sound and music were powerful and worked deeply.”  IW, participant - February 2020 workshop