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The Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy was founded by Katarina Gadjanski and Tasha Colbert after several years of offering CPD courses and personal development groups together. 

Decades of practice as psychotherapists and trainers has led them to believe that working with the body can bring profound healing and change in clients and trainees. Sharing an enthusiasm for an embodied therapeutic approach, they together founded the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy in response to an era when we are feeling increasingly disconnected from our bodies. They are passionate about offering an integrative somatic approach that enhances healing and equips psychotherapists with the skills to work in a more embodied way.

Tasha Colbert and Katarina Gadjanski answer the Frequently Asked Questions about their work and Embodied Psychotherapy approach & training in the videos below and on our FAQ page.

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Katarina Gadjanski BSc (Hons) LCCH Dip. Psych UKCP

Katarina is the co-director of of the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy and a fully accredited member of UKCP, with a therapeutic background in transpersonal psychotherapy, integrative psychosynthesis, mindfulness and dance therapy.


Although originally trained in a more traditional 'talking' psychotherapy approach – due to her medical background – Katarina has always had a special interest in body-orientated psychotherapy and work around somatic expression of emotional issues and trauma. She's undertaken extensive research and training in the area of somatic therapies and neuroscience in relation to trauma work. 


In addition to her private practice, Katarina facilitates many psychotherapeutic and personal development workshops and groups, CPD trainings, dance & movement and meditation workshops and retreats in the UK and internationally.

Katarina has been practicing various forms of meditation for over 25 years, so is particularly passionate about integrating therapeutic elements of meditation into psychotherapeutic work. She also has a background in music and dance and uses creativity, music, movement, art and creative imagination in her work with clients.   

More info: four-elements-dmtm.com

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Tasha Colbert BA (Hons) PG Dip RDMP UKCP

Tasha is the co-director of the Institute of Embodied Psychotherapy and  a UKCP registered body- orientated psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, who has been working therapeutically with adults and children for the past 16 years. She specialises in working with anxiety and trauma and utilises somatic approaches in her practice.

With a background in dance movement psychotherapy and the creative arts, Tasha lectured and supervised for several years on the Dance Movement Psychotherapy MA training at Derby University, and continues to teach internationally. She is currently co-ordinating a post graduate DMP programme in Romania.


As well as her expertise in the field of psychotherapy, she is an experienced supervisor and coach, supervising and coaching professionals in private practice and the public sector since 2006,


Tasha also enjoys training groups, and regularly provides continued professional development trainings for psychotherapists on trauma and working with the body. She enjoys collaborating with other creative professionals and has co-edited a book on the subject called: ’Working across Modalities in the Arts Therapies: Creative Collaborations’, Routledge 2017.   

More info:  www.tashacolbert.com

What is your personal inspiration for doing Embodied Psychotherapy work? 

What led you to specialise in working with the body?