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Working Across Modalities in the Arts Therapies: Creative Collaborations

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Editors: Tasha Colbert and Cornelia Bent

Publishers: Routledge 2017

Working Across Modalities in the Arts Therapies: Creative Collaborations offers an in-depth insight into cross-modality and transdisciplinary practice in the arts therapies. Including contributions from drama, music, dance movement and art therapists, as well as professionals from related disciplines, it vividly demonstrates how the alchemy of these collaborations produces innovative interventions and new approaches to working with clients.

Compelling examples of collaborative practice cover a variety of client groups, ranging from Syrian refugee children and women with eating disorders, to homeless war veterans and sex offenders. Together, the authors make the case for the effectiveness of cross-modal and transdisciplinary approaches when working with otherwise hard-to-reach and complex populations.

This book is a guide to good practice and an invaluable resource for both experienced arts therapists and those new to the field. It will also be of benefit to healthcare and education professionals, arts practitioners, and anyone with an interest in the subject.

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