Dance of Soma and Psyche II & III

Healing Trauma 

Dance of Soma & Psyche II: Healing Trauma and the Animal Body


This two-day module explores somatic approaches to healing trauma, drawing on the body's natural resources and capacity for self-healing.


Neuro-scientific research shows us that the instinctual parts of the brain that process trauma in humans are the same as in any other mammal. However, animals in the wild seem to be able to easily ‘shake-off’ and recover from the freeze response, rapidly returning to normal functioning, while humans experiencing the same immobility response are often not able to regain homeostasis in the same way.

Traumatic symptoms in humans are caused by a 'frozen' residue of energy, that has not been resolved or discharged after a traumatic event. This residue remains trapped in the nervous system, where it causes havoc to our bodies and minds. The key to healing these symptoms lies in being able to mirror the fluid adaptation of animals, as they 'shake out' the immobility response, and return to full mobility and functionality.

We will cover:


  • Stabilising and establishing a sense of safety in the body

  • The physiology of fight / flight and freeze

  • Working with fear and anxiety

  • Working safely to release the fight response – anger and aggression

  • Somatic Experiencing techniques for working with trauma

  • Working somatically to re-establish and strengthen boundaries after trauma

  • Helping clients out of a dissociative state and back into their bodies

  • Working with the ‘animal’ body, using visualisation and movement

Dance of Soma & Psyche III: Attachment Trauma and the Body

In traumatic attachment -  where the parent is the perpetrator - the child is in the impossible situation of needing to seek proximity for survival while at the same time defending against their care giver. In the therapy room, we see this conflict in our clients bodies and how they relate to us – a yearning for closeness while at the same time closeness feels dangerous. This can cause challenges in the therapeutic relationship. If these challenges can be worked through, the therapeutic relationship can offer the client a reparative experience and the opportunity to heal early attachment trauma.


We will cover:


  • Understanding of attachment trauma

  • The art of non-verbal attunement from moment to moment

  • The use of therapeutic touch in offering the client reparative experiences

  • Exploring habitual postures and gestures and how they relate to attachment trauma

  • Working with proximity seeking actions to support healing of relational wounds

  • Abandonment trauma

Module 2 - Healing Trauma  may be taken individually, or as a part of a year-long course leading to certification.

Module 3 - Attachment Trauma could not be taken before first completing module 2.

To ensure a high standard of training we keep all our groups small (max 16 participants). 


"I came away with even more awareness of my body and how l have held some experiences and trauma for years within it. You are both amazing, thoughtful, and inspirational teachers! Really warm, wise and sensitive facilitators." 

BK, Integrative Psychotherapist

“I feel very grateful for the whole experience. The role-plays provided greater opportunity for deeper learning. I personally found the movement / embodying emotions very healing.”

EM, Transpersonal Counsellor


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MODULE 2: Saturday 17th April                  LONDON: FULLY BOOKED 

& Sunday 18th April 2021, 11am - 6pm

MODULE 2:  Saturday 20th March              STROUD: FULLY BOOKED

& Sunday 21st March 2021, 11am - 6pm


MODULE 2:  Saturday 27th November      LONDON: PLACES AVAILABLE

& Sunday 28th Nov 2021, 11am - 6pm

MODULE 2: Saturday 2nd April                   STROUD:  PLACES AVAILABLE (different venue)

& Sunday 3rd April 2022, 11am - 6pm


(14 CPD hours per module)

Venue London: 

The Study Society

Colet House

151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA


Venue Stroud:

Centre for Science and Art, 

13 Lansdown, 

Stroud GL5 1BB



APRIL 2022 Venue:

Lansdown Hall,


Stroud GL5 1BB


MODULE 3: Saturday 15th May                       LONDON: FULLY BOOKED

& Sunday 16th May 2021, 11am – 6pm

MODULE 3:  Saturday 8th May                        STROUD: FULLY BOOKED

& Sunday 9th May 2021, 11am - 6pm


MODULE 3:  Saturday 12th March 2022       LONDON: PLACES AVAILABLE

& Sunday 13th March 2022, 11am – 6pm 

MODULE 3:  Saturday 14th May                      STROUD: PLACES AVAILABLE

& Sunday 15th May 2022, 11am - 6pm


(14 CPD hours per module)

Venue London: 

The Study Society

Colet House

151 Talgarth Road
London W14 9DA


Venue Stroud:

Centre for Science and Art, 

13 Lansdown, 

Stroud GL5 1BB



Part 1: Early Bird £195 (if booked and paid for 6 weeks before the start of the course) otherwise £225

Part 2: Early Bird £195 (up to one month before) otherwise £225

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