Four Elements Embodied Psychotherapy Group

Four Elements Embodied Psychotherapy Group


19th January - 23rd March 2021

Four Elements DMTM is an embodied psychotherapy group aimed at those who wish to work in an embodied way – exploring the body-mind-emotions connection. We work within the context of a small therapeutic group (8 individuals).



The psychotherapeutic approach that we use combines:                                       

  • integrative embodied psychotherapy

  • experiential exercises based on neuroscience

  • mindfulness meditation and creative visualisation

  • sounding and creative arts therapy

  • dance and movement therapy

  • the four elements transpersonal psychotherapy model​

The aim of Four Elements DMTM therapy group is to:

  • Explore how our mind/thoughts and beliefs affect how we feel and how we hold these feelings in the body

  • Start to 're-wire' the nervous system and create new neuro-patways (changing old and dysfunctional habits and behaviours and encouraging new and more healthy ones) 

  • Get in touch with and begin to release emotional material stored in the body

  • Find a new way of processing and working with difficult sensations held in the body ~ such as stress, anxiety, anger and grief

  • Start to develop embodied sense of resilience

  • Provide a safe space for self-care and self-nurture

  • Encourage us to develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with ourselves

The group is facilitated by Katarina Gadjanski BSc (Hons) LCCH Dip. Psych UKCP, the co-founder of IEP


For more information about this group and Four Elements DMTM please check: four-elements-dmtm.com/about

If you are interested in joining the next group please send an email to

Katarina: katarina@four-elements-dmtm.com  to request the assessment and booking form

COVID-19 notification

Please note that due to Covid-19 January-March 2021 group will be online.

The group is now FULLY BOOKED but do email us to express interest as we'll be adding extra dates for the Summer 2021

Summer 2021 group theme: Embodying Resilience - Adapting to Change


23rd January -

27rd February 2021

TUESDAY evenings 7pm -9pm

two hour group sessions - 10 weeks 

Dates: 19th January - 23rd March 2021

SATURDAY afternoons 4pm -6pm

two hour group sessions - 6 weeks

Dates: 23rd January - 27rd February 2021


(when in person): Room No 3,

Chiswick Catholic Centre

2 Dukes Avenue, London W4 2AE


For 10 weeks:

£295 (in person)

£250 online

For 6 weeks:

£185 (in person)

£155 online

Booking essential, limited to 8 places per group

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